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Message from Chairman of board
About US
Our History
Our Mission
Our Achievement
Our Future
ADDRESS: No. 58 Xinfa Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Fax Number:86512-62609096
Suzhou Benteng Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturing enterprise, located in No 58, XinFa Road, Suzhou Industry Park. With a total investment of 300M CNY, over 85 acres’ land area, 1000 employees, and over 250 technical staff, Suzhou Benteng is a national high-tech enterprise and A-class labor security credit company, with an engineering technology center of injection mold CAD/CAE/CAM.

With leading technology, value-added customer service and advanced industry equipments, we have been always in the dominant position of injection industry. With modern plants, circulatory energy system, we have created humanized, low-carbon working environment and production line. Benteng focused on providing one-stop and integrated solutions and service for customers, with processes from molds design & manufacturing, modified resin, injection moulding, machining to painting, hydrographic, IMD/INS, hot foil, printing, and assembly, etc.

There are more than 130 injections machines, ranging from 50tons to 1300tons. To provide overall service customers, we set up the tooling center in house, over 60 sets of CNC, EDM, wire cut M/C, and etc. we own over 10 printing, assembly lines and 100k clean spray painting room in house. Reducing enterprise cost and improving the quality of supply is always Benteng investment and operation strategy. We engaged in improving the competiveness of enterprise by enhancing the quality control & management, enhancing the innovation ability.


We have actively expanded our business, implemented the multi product lines development strategy, and have been representative of local enterprises in Suzhou, building long-term cooperation relationships with international famous brands and groups. By new material & tooling technology, we built up long-term partnership with SAIC and GM, with lots of joint development projects. In the future, we will continue to attract and expand, deepen cooperation with international & domestic brand enterprises, achieving globalization and business rapidly expanding.


We adhere to the "green development", and take the lead in implementing energy-saving emission reduction, and promote energy production, adhere to innovation driven development; we insist in honest and legal operation, ensuring healthy development of enterprise; Human-oriented, creating harmonious and prosperous new home is our persistence and faith.

Address: No. 58 Xinfa Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Copyright: Pentium Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Suzhou All
TEL: 86512-62609088 Fax Number: 86512-62609096 Record Number:蘇ICP備11029041號-1